We’ve moved!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started a Substack newsletter for all of our content. You’ll still find our older, archived materials here at hightowerlowdown.org, but the latest (and greatest?) observations from Jim Hightower are only now available at our new Substack website: jimhightower.substack.com.

Are you a print subscriber to the Lowdown, and looking to move your subscription over? Here’s the form we shared in the February 2023 issue of the Lowdown for you to fill out.

What is Substack?

Substack is a newsletter & blogging service that many independent writers and activists are using to get their work out into the world. Among the things we love: It’s simple. Fans need only an email address to participate. You don’t need a fancy app, and while Substack does offer a good one, the basic feature of the service is that it sends you emails with Hightower’s latest work. And that’s it!

Why the move?

Moving Hightower’s work to Substack frees us up to focus on more frequent, more timely observations, helpful “Do Something” links, and conversations with some of today’s most effective progressive organizers. We’re excited to join friends like Judd Legum, Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, and others on the Substack platform! Another reason we love Substack: Because there’s a community of progressive thinkers, doers, and readers, we’ll have the opportunity to reach a lot of new folks who will appreciate Hightower’s democratic-populist take on events. And you’ll be able to tap into that same network of great independent media.

What do I get there?

Free subscribers will get Hightower’s twice-weekly commentaries (available in both text and audio), our Chat & Chew interview shows, comments on breaking news, historical nuggets, calls-to-action, and other timely observations. But should you choose a paid subscription, there’s even more. You’ll be invited to live Q&A sessions with Hightower, see previews of new projects, even recipes that Hightower is cooking up, and much more in the planning stages. (We hope you’ll become a paid subscriber. Your subscriptions and contributions keep the Lowdown afloat and in the fight.)

What if I have a print subscription to the Lowdown

We’ve got you! In the February 2023 issue of the Lowdown, we explain everything. Looking for the form to transition your subscription? Fill it out here.

Current subscribers will receive complimentary months of access to everything on the site including the paid-subscriber-only content – you’ll receive full credit for any unserved issues.

More questions? Use our handy-dandy contact form.