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Hi folks,

This is Team Lowdown: Deanna Zandt on the left in the photo above, me in the hat, Sonal Bains behind me and next to Laura Ehrlich, then Jay Harris back right, and chairman John Weiss down in front. Debra Barron, Terry Allen, and Brian Duffy are all busy off screen.

It’s a great crew of hardworking and generally positive people, but there are a few things that tick us off. For instance—

  • How, in today’s Bizarro World of politics, expanding health care to all Americans is considered dangerous and un-American . . .
  • How “prosperity for all” is said to come from cutting taxes on the rich, and . . .
  • How “united we stand” is only for some of our fellow citizens.

The good news is that we are not alone in being ticked off, not by a long shot. A people’s rebellion is now bubbling in every corner of this country. Millions of us have been taking to the streets and voting booths to say “No!” to that crazy, Koch-headed agenda.

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And the rebellion is growing hotter, because its causes are all too real. Every day, a growing majority is experiencing raw economic abuse and gross political affronts by America’s oligarchs. Did the moneyed elites and their governmental enablers really think they could knock us down and kick us out without a pushback? If so, they badly misjudged our people’s determination.

The Hightower Lowdown was conceived to feed that People’s Movement, keeping tabs on Washington, Wall Street, and the populist rebels, too, providing you with fact-packed reports, no-bull radio commentaries, and timely calls to action. To take our country forward—out of the grip of giant corporations and billionaire campaign donors and back into the hands of everyday citizens—we need to hear, and share, the important stories that are given short shrift in the corporate media. The Lowdown was started to help fill that gap, so that you can keep up and, when the time is right, speak up.

Thanks for checking us out. I hope you’ll join us (sign up for our email updates!)—and come back often.

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