George W – what a guy!

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Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown

George W – what a guy!

Just ask him, he’ll tell you. The two-termer who spent much of his tenure avoiding any media scrutiny, now is collaring reporters for farewell interviews, while also making introspective speeches – all to reveal himself as a profound president. “An old sage,” he called himself in a December speech.

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But George is not the only one who says he’s been terrific. Top-ranking administration officials are also vouching for his overall excellence. To help guide them, the White House has rolled out a two-page memo of talking points for their speeches and media appearances. Titled “Speech Topper on the Bush Record,” the memo mentions not a single flaw in the marvelous man’s eight-year term. Amazing!

But if you don’t believe those memo followers, you can turn to the fair and balanced findings of Karl Rove. Yes, Bush’s right-wing political hatchet man is now teamed up with the president’s longtime image buffer-upper, Karen Hughes, to head up a “Bush Legacy Project.” Guess what? The project also finds no flaws in The Great Man’s record. What a Legacy!

But, to add to it, here are some additional bullet points they might consider:

Stealing the 2000 election The Patriot Act Preemptive war Weapons of mass destruction “Bring ‘em on” Troops with no body armor “Mission Accomplished” Osama bin Forgotten Donnie Rumsfeld Abu Ghraib Gitmo Secret renditions Torture memos Walter Reed Hospital “I’m the decider” “Heck of a job, Brownie” Valerie Plame  Halliburton Blackwater Harriet Miers Alberto Gonzales Scooter Libby Jack Abramoff Executive privileges Illegal domestic spying Signing statements Fake news releases Tax cuts for the rich National debt Minneapolis bridge collapse Global warming Deregulate Wall Street Bailout Wall Street 29 percent public approval rating.

What a guy!

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