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Tracking Norfolk Southern’s Derailment (3/2/2023) - “The Wreck of the Old Ninety-Seven” is a classic bluegrass song recounting a spectacular train crash in 1903, caused by […]
How to Guarantee a Train Wreck (2/28/2023) - Stuff happens, right? I mean, who could’ve thought that in these modern times of digital monitoring of everything, something as […]
Sick? Injured? Dying? Call Wall Street! (2/23/2023) - Your doctor is out and unable to see you now. Not out for lunch or out on vacation — but […]
Why Are We Letting For-Profit Health Care Kill Us? (2/21/2023) - No one needs another outrage to worry about, but here’s one that could literally be your last worry. Our hospitals […]
Would Wall Street Kill Your Granny for A Little More Profit? (2/16/2023) - There are industries that occasionally do something rotten. And there are industries like Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Tobacco […]
Love to You from Valentine, Texas (2/14/2023) - Please be my Valentine! That is not only a warm, sweet, sometimes romantic sentiment people express in mid-February on a […]
Prevaricating for Profit (2/9/2023) - Why would anyone believe anything that a big corporation tells us? Corporate powers use lies as a core element of […]
Who Taught George Santos to Be Such a Self-Serving Fraud? (2/7/2023) - People are baffled by the surreal saga of George Santos, the bizarre Republican congress critter who is a bottomless sink […]
Welcome to the US House of Crazies (1/31/2023) - An old political saying notes that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to […]
Santos Is Pathetic. McCarthy Is Disgusting. Both Should Go Away. (1/31/2023) - Big news from Congressional Republicans: After years of failing to unearth any proof that America’s elections are corrupted by flagrant […]

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