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Time for Democratic Party leaders to get going – or go (6/20/2017) -
Good news, people – at last, congressional Democrats have gotten a clue, grown some spine, and are beginning to act like... well, like Democrats!
Will you enlist in “Trump’s War?” (6/15/2017) -
President Trump might have dodged military service in his youth, but he certainly is militaristic – he is bellicose, likes to issue commands, and is constantly firing off militant tweets at anyone he perceives to be an enemy (which seems to include everyone who dares to disagree with him).
General Trump’s Twitter bombs (6/13/2017) -
Doggonit, Donnie Trump missed his opportunity to become a General Patton-style military commander and glorious war hero back in the […]
Dr. Ben Carson’s right-wing medicine show (6/8/2017) -
The Trumpeters are fully embracing the right-wing's imperious disdain for poor people, blaming them for creating their own economic distress – a convenient ideological fabrication for a government intent on destroying our nation's social safety net.
Who is Mick Mulvaney… and why is he so awful? (6/6/2017) -
In the contest for "Most Awful Member of Donald Trump's Cabinet," you'd assume that Jeff Sessions, the bigoted twerp now serving as attorney general, would be a shoo-in. Suddenly, however, Mick Mulvaney has darted from out of the deepest, meanest darkness of severe right-wing dogma to become the new favorite for awfulest of them all.
Where does inequality come from? (6/1/2017) -
The vast inequality that's rending our society is not a natural, inevitable, or accidental phenomenon – it's caused intentionally by policy-decisions that corporate and political officials make.
Who’s drafting Trump’s “New NAFTA” deal – and who’s not? (5/30/2017) -
Like rose blossoms, a politician’s promises can be beautiful when they burst into full, glorious bloom – only to see them […]
What is worse than being poor? (5/25/2017) -
One of the lucky things about being rich is that you automatically become handsome, your jokes are hilarious, and politicians […]
Who’ll help America’s hard-hit gold miners? (5/23/2017) -
These are hard times for America’s gold miners, who’re scrambling to get ahead, but seeing their pay dropping. Take Bob […]
How magical is The Donald? (5/18/2017) -
Donald Trump, the Amazing Wunderkind of Global Luxury Living – and now Our Nation’s Phantasmagoric, Fast-charging President – is proving to be […]