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How the corporate plutocracy works (4/15/2021) - An old political truism notes that, “Where there’s a will, there are 1,000 won’ts.” And what a hurricane of won’ts […]
Is America big enough to Go Big again? (4/13/2021) - It’s time for America to go back to the future – a future of true greatness created by a people […]
Hey Washington: Follow The People (4/8/2021) - “Those in the know” say that We the People should forget any progressive fantasy that – at long last – […]
Forget Trickle-Down BS – Let’s Push Percolate-up Economics (4/6/2021) - The past year proves that a lot of conventional economic wisdom is neither true nor wise. For example: “We don’t […]
Can GOP Autocracy Outlaw American Democracy? (4/1/2021) - Ralph Waldo Emerson told of a dinner guest who went on and on about the virtue of honesty, offering his […]
Are You a “Low-Quality” Voter? (3/30/2021) - Hey, you, get away from those polling places! We don’t want your kind here! Scram! That’s a stupid, shameful, and […]
Now, Robots are Coming for White-Collar Jobs (3/25/2021) - In CorporateSpeak, there are no “job cuts.” Instead, firings are blandly referred to as “employment adjustments.” Now, though, corporate wordsmiths […]
Is Your Job in the Robot Kill Path? (3/23/2021) - Hunters have come up with euphemisms to make what they do sound… well, less unpleasant. For example, animals aren’t killed, […]
A Question of Nature (3/18/2021) - When corporate executives are absurdly hypocritical, yet so obtuse that they don’t even realize it, is it still hypocrisy… or […]
Give Nature a Right to Self-Defense (3/16/2021) - There’s a white oak tree in Athens, Georgia, that is not owned by anyone. It’s an autonomous entity – known […]

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