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The Gloppy mess of merger mania (10/15/2019) - Here’s a recipe for you: Chop up some Oscar Mayer wieners, stir in Heinz ketchup, blend with Cool Whip and […]
Kroger: Don’t Lose Local News (10/10/2019) - Like most politicians, corporate executives never do anything wrong. If anything wrong does “happen,” it’s always someone else’s fault. That’s […]
Kroger supermarket sign glows and the sky is red How small can a giant supermarket chain get? (10/8/2019) - Do you shop at a Kroger supermarket? Or maybe at Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, King Sooper’s, or… well, never mind, all […]
Suspending our right to protest destructive corporate greed (10/3/2019) - As George Bernard Shaw noted, “You don’t make progress by standing on guard, but by attacking, and getting well-hammered yourself.” […]
Who’s behind the increasing suppression of your right to protest? (10/1/2019) - When did We The People vote to outlaw peaceful public protest against corporate profiteers who’re running roughshod over our values, […]
To make democracy work, we have to work it (9/26/2019) - The awful truth about the corporate and governmental power elites in our democratic society is that they really don’t like […]
When the world’s on fire, what should we do? (9/24/2019) - For millions of people around the globe – especially young people – the pressing issue of our time is this: […]
mr monopoly stands on a stack of gold bricks and life jackets promising he'll save everyone Why would we trust plutocrats to save us from plutocracy (9/19/2019) - Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote of being leery of a fast-talking huckster who visited his home: “The louder he talked […]
mister monopoly gestures at the revolutionaries in les miserables Look who’s joining the struggle against corporate plutocracy (9/17/2019) - Great news, people! We have a new ally in our historic battle against corporate plutocracy: Corporate plutocrats. Yes, we’ve now […]
Should our natural resources have legal rights? (9/12/2019) - From the very start of our nation, the most popular forum for debating and shaping our democratic rights was not […]