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October 2017

If we spread the profits around, smart robots can work for ALL of us

"The issue isn't just jobs. Even slaves had jobs. The issue is wages." --Jim Hightower


July 2017

You'll be gobsmacked by the populist victories won in this conservative Colorado town

"The issue isn't just jobs. Even slaves had jobs. The issue is wages." --Jim Hightower




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Why won’t Trump stand up to Putin? (11/21/2017) - As Donald Trump said: "Strange things happen in life."
Welcome to the new “Trump Tower” he’s building for you (11/16/2017) - If you've ever been to any of the cities graced with a Trump hotel, casino, resort, etcetera – you know that The Donald splashes his name in giant, gaudy letters across every structure he owns, preferably in gold.
Why reward bad corporate behavior with more tax breaks? (11/14/2017) - Here's a question for our Trumpestuous President and his Trumpeteers in Congress: "Why are you even considering giving more tax breaks to corporate giants?"
Why are we giving corporate welfare to Amazon? (11/9/2017) - Isn't it funny that right-wing politicians across the country piously rant against giving a few bucks worth of jobless benefits to the needy, then turn around and shove billions of our tax dollars into corporate welfare for the greedy?
Why would you let Jeff Bezos inside your home? (11/7/2017) - Would you give your house key to a complete stranger, letting that person (whose name you don't even know) walk right into your home when you're not there?
Would you trust John Yoo? (11/2/2017) - Noting that the US military was developing armed, autonomous robots to serve as battleground soldiers in our wars, a 2015 New York Times article asked an important question: "Can they learn to make moral choices?"
Trump’s War (10/31/2017) - In June, our Tweety Bird president tweeted this message to members of the US Army: "Proud to be your commander-in-chief." Actually, Trump is only the delegator-in-chief, having passed to subordinates a president's most solemn duty of guiding our nation's war policies – including what wars to be in.
Time for Democratic Party leaders to get going – or go (10/26/2017) - Good news, people – at last, congressional Democrats have gotten a clue, grown some spine, and are beginning to act like... well, like Democrats!
Does Trump even know where Niger is? (10/25/2017) - So, President Trump makes what was to be a condolence phone call to the young widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of four American soldiers killed on a military patrol in Niger – and all of a sudden, the White House explodes in yet another political conflagration and a new burst of presidential lies.
Are you ready for corporate America’s robot economy? (10/17/2017) - There's a robot in your future. Not one of those cute little labor-saving automatons – like a "Roomba" vacuum cleaner.
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