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Supreme Court Secrecy: Who Needs it? (5/19/2022) - When Supreme Court member Sam Alito’s secret plan for canceling the constitutional right of women to end their pregnancies leaked […]
Why Should We the People Respect a Court That Disrespects the People? (5/17/2022) - Mitch McConnell, the perpetually sour old goose who heads the Senate Republican Caucus, had a hissy fit when the news […]
Can the Rest of the Nation Follow Alabama? (5/12/2022) - Here are two terms you don’t expect to see together: “The state of Alabama” and “progressive leader.” (Ok, I’m a […]
Why Would We Let Wall Street “Care For” Our Pets? (4/28/2022) - Question: What does a packet of M&M’s and your local veterinarian have in common? Answer: Both are owned by Mars […]
The Corporatization of Pet Care: Animal Cruelty? (4/26/2022) - For many people, the animals they adopt and love become more like family members than pets. We have deep relationships, […]
The Republican Supremes Are Defrocking Themselves (4/21/2022) - What is so supreme about the Supreme Court? I mean besides being housed in an imposing marble building, being the […]
The Sad Whine of Supreme Court Right Wingers (4/19/2022) - Ralph Waldo Emerson told about a guest who came to dinner and spent the entire evening prattling about his own […]
Truck Drivers Hijacked by Immoral Corporate Bosses (3/31/2022) - Keep On Trucking’ was an iconic underground cartoon created in 1968 by comic master Robert Crumb. Featuring various big-footed men […]
What’s Up with This Crazy Trucker Protest? (3/29/2022) - The recent traffic-clogging protests by truck drivers in the US and Canada is about drivers being angry over COVID-19 vaccine […]
Wimpy leaders ignore strong people (3/24/2022) - Right-wing Republicans and corporate Democrats have become a pathetic bunch of “No-can-do Nancys.” Faced with an economy reeling from the […]
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