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Who’ll Save Us from This Nutty Clique of Rich “Saviors?” (12/8/2022) - This country needs highway signs on every interstate to caution the public about an extreme danger that lies ahead – […]
Why Trust High-Tech Billionaires to Save Humanity? (12/6/2022) - Here’s an interesting fact: Dinosaurs dominated Earth for 165 million years – and they assumed they always would. Which brings […]
The Defrocking of Saint Ron DeSantis (12/1/2022) - Breaking news: After years of failed Republican efforts to uncover any proof of widespread voter fraud by Democrats, Republican Governor […]
The GOP Is Literally Going Hunting for Illegal Voters (11/29/2022) - This election year has added a new season to our country’s calendar: The silly season. Not silly as in fun […]
Which food future will you choose? (11/24/2022) - America certainly has an abundance of food (even though many Americans do not), yet we face a momentous choice of […]
When and where was the first Thanksgiving Feast? (11/22/2022) - Let’s talk Turkey! No, not the Butterball sitting in the Oval Office. I’m talking about the real thing, the big […]
How Progressive Groups Can Become Their Own Lawmakers (11/17/2022) - America’s political, corporate, and media establishments were cocksure about their prognostications that a powerful “red wave” was about to hit […]
Lessons from the Midterm Elections (11/15/2022) - What hit the Republican party on election day was… well, the Republican Party. Blow number one, of course, was from […]
How Money is Suffocating American Democracy (11/10/2022) - America exists today as a bizarre anomaly – we profess to be an electoral democracy, yet we are ruled by […]
You Have a Constitutional Right to Vote. Right? (11/8/2022) - Every election day, we’re told “Go Vote!” Your vote is sacred they tell us, it’s your Constitutional right. Well… yes […]

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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