Bring Hightower to your local airwaves

Want to help expand the reach of progressive politics and ideas? Here’s one way – get Jim on your local airwaves.

If you want to begin hearing Hightower’s two-minute commentaries on your local radio station, contact the station’s general manager or program director. Have them check out this website for a sample of Hightower’s commentaries. If it’s a commercial station, the commentaries are bartered (they’re free, with the agreement that the station air the national commercials attached to them). If it’s a public/community station, the commentaries are free with the agreement that the station air the 10-second underwriting announcement attached to them. The commentaries are available each week as MP3 downloads.

For more information on how to get Jim on your local airwaves, call Melody at (512) 477-5588, extension 4 or drop her an email via the Contact page.

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