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What’s 2017’s biggest banking fraud? (2/21/2017) -
Remember way back in time, back in the old days of… 2016? Back then, Trump was on the political stump, […]
Hallelujah, Trump rushes to aid the needy! (2/16/2017) -
Of all the people suffering economic pain today, who should get priority attention from the new President and Congress? Regular […]
There’s a word for Trump’s latest flimflamming of workers (2/14/2017) -
By gollies, The Donald delivers! Trump and his new blue-ribbon panel of working-class champions have announced a bold initiative to […]
Is Trump’s America Our America? (2/9/2017) -
Who are we? Are we the America of courage, openness, inclusion, opportunity, and democratic promise – as expressed in the Declaration […]
Why is George Orwell’s “1984” a bestseller again? (2/7/2017) -
Tromp-tromp-tromp – troops are marching to battles. Boom-boom-boom – bombs are blowing up communities. Whooooshhh – poisonous gas is being released. Forget Syria, […]
Really and truly, who needs facts? (2/2/2017) -
Here in America the word “fact” has a straightforward, rather obvious meaning: Truth, reality, something that actually exists. But we […]
Why so many people loathe Congress (1/31/2017) -
Uncle Sam wants you! Not the Uncle Sam who’s the symbolic caricature of our country, but Sam Johnson. Although he’s […]
How many working-class populists are in Trump’s new government? (1/26/2017) -
Actor Jack Nicholson says he finally understood the meaning of the word irony when his mother called him a “son […]
What’s being taught at Koch Kollege? (1/24/2017) -
Breaking news: An amazing new school for political activists is training thousands of people to be community organizers, using Saul […]
Has America turned right-wing? Or nuts? (1/19/2017) -
Buckle-up friends, it’s going to be a hairy ride. Start with Day One for President Trump (gotta get used to […]
The new founder (1/17/2017) -
When you think of America’s great Constitutional originators, names like  Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin come to mind. And, of course, […]
Trump’s “tax holiday”: Boon or boondoggle? (1/12/2017) -
Good news, folks – our new president says he’s planning a “tax holiday” for you! Well… not directly for you. […]
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