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The Koch Coup (4/24/2018) - The Koch Brothers believe that their great wealth entitles them to rule over the many – so, for decades, they've been running a surreptitious assault on the rules that protect the majority of us from their abuse.
Learning from DeMarco (4/19/2018) - For some 45 years, it's been my good fortune to team up with Susan DeMarco – my cohort, companion, and co-conspirator in all things progressive and fun. But life comes at you fast... often including an abrupt end to life.
Fly Away (4/17/2018) - Some are born with good luck. But I was 30 years old before Lady Luck smiled on me with full radiance, arriving in the form of a petite bundle of feistiness, smarts, political savviness, warmth, playfulness, and all-around beauty... named Susan DeMarco.
Guess who’s serving the student loan industry? (4/12/2018) - Question: What do you get when you combine ignorance, imperiousness, and incompetence? Answer: Betsy DeVos.
How low can the barons of high finance go? (4/10/2018) - "Greed is good," proclaimed Gordon Gekko, lead character in a 1987 film lampooning the low ethics of the high finance barons of Wall Street.
Exposing our “populist” president as a naked plutocrat (4/3/2018) - Have you noticed that Donald Trump constantly prefaces his outlandish lies with such phrases as: "To be honest with you," "To tell the truth," and "Believe me"?
Could you live on “Psychic Income?” (3/27/2018) - Today's corporate captains like to think of themselves not as mere businesspeople, but as modern society's innovation geniuses.
AgriCULTURE outsiders tackle powerful agriBUSINESS (3/22/2018) - In the 1980s, when I was Texas Ag commissioner, my staff and I proposed a comprehensive set of state rules to protect farmworkers, public health, our water supplies, and farmers themselves from the life-threatening consequences of toxic pesticides.
Forget shaming this do-nothing Congress. Stop paying them! (3/20/2018) - Want good quality, lower-cost health care for your family – and (what the hell, let's think big here) for every man, woman, and (especially) every child in our society?
Can’t America do better than today’s ripoff health care system? (3/15/2018) - Rather than a health care system, our country's leaders have kept us shackled to a "corporate care" system, allowing insurance giants, drug company gougers, hospital chains, and other profiteers to ration our care based on whether a family can pay whatever outrageous price the corporations demands to maintain their exorbitant profits.
Hard times (still) in the fields (3/13/2018) - Every decade or so, America's mass media are surprised to discover that migrant farmworkers are still being miserably paid and despicably treated by the industry that profits from their labor.
Trump’s tax-cut scam worked perfectly (3/8/2018) - Remember last year when Donald Trump and his congressional Trumpeteers bragged that their yuuuuuge tax cut for corporations would spark a yuuuuuge corporate spending spree to create new jobs and higher wages?
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