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Hallelujah, Trump rushes to aid the needy! (4/20/2017) -
Of all the people suffering economic pain today, who should get priority attention from the new President and Congress? Regular […]
Why is George Orwell’s “1984” a bestseller again? (4/18/2017) -
Tromp-tromp-tromp – troops are marching to battles. Boom-boom-boom – bombs are blowing up communities. Whooooshhh – poisonous gas is being released. Forget Syria, […]
How can we stop banksters from robbing us? (4/13/2017) -
In an insightful song about outlaws, Woody Guthrie wrote this verse: “As through this world I travel/ I see lots […]
The sad saga of John Stumpf (4/11/2017) -
Poor John Stumpf. The preening, silver-haired CEO of Wells Fargo sat self-assuredly atop the pecking order of the financial establishment, […]
A clueless dealmaker’s deal goes down (4/7/2017) -
Why? That’s the big question the mass media is asking about the sudden failure of the Republican leaders’ relentless push […]
Why is Trump hostile to actual facts? (4/4/2017) -
Question: What do you get when you mix a barrel of fables, a sack of mendacity, and a gross of […]
Why Trumpcare is sickening (3/30/2017) -
As Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas noted, “When you buy… a new pair of pants, it usually helps to ask […]
Why should we subsidize higher pay for insurance CEOs? (3/28/2017) -
We’re hearing a lot these days about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s 123-page legislative plan for Trumpcare, the GOP’s so-called “replacement” […]
There’s a word for Trump’s latest flimflamming of workers (3/23/2017) -
By gollies, The Donald delivers! Trump and his new blue-ribbon panel of working-class champions have announced a bold initiative to […]
Are the rich different from you and me? Ask Cadillac! (3/21/2017) -
You know what our country needs right now? I think we need something that can bring us together again, something […]
Shouldn’t someone say: “The Emperor has no clothes” (3/16/2017) -
Some people who attain high public office grow in their position of trust. Some, however, just bloat. Bloat has been […]
What should we do about a mentally ill president? (3/14/2017) -
It’s time to state the obvious: The President of the United States is deranged. I don’t mean he’s merely idiosyncratic, […]
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