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Where is AI driving us? (4/16/2019)- With chaos in the White House, worsening climate disasters, more wars than we can count, and a wobbling economy here […]
Free the free press from Wall Street plunderers (4/11/2019)- The core idea of the "civic commons" is that we can be a self-governing people. A noble aspiration!
Who are the serial killers of America’s newspapers? (4/9/2019)- In a recent two-panel cartoon, a character holds a sign saying: "First they came for the reporters." In the next panel, his sign says: "We don't know what happened after that."
Trumponomics: Batman… or Dracula? (4/4/2019)- Even if a White House report is just a pack of lies, it still can reveal some awful truths. Take […]
Who says Trump is not a moral leader? (4/2/2019)- It’s shocking, I tell you, shocking that some millionaires and billionaires would brazenly lie and cheat to weasel their undeserving […]
The unnatural disasters pushing farmers off the land (3/28/2019)- As a farmer told me, “You can still make a small fortune in agriculture, but you have to start with […]
How much does Donald Trump love farmers? (3/26/2019)- Have you noticed how often Donald Trump prefaces his comments and tweets with phrases like “frankly,” “to tell the truth,” […]
Trump’s one-word re-election campaign (3/12/2019)- “Socialism,” snarled The Donald at a recent pep rally of far-right Republicans. And the obedient crowd of Trumpistas snarled back […]
Adios Amazon (2/28/2019)- Amazon’s notorious attempt to squeeze $3 billion in subsidies from New York taxpayers had two very positive results: One, it […]
Just say no to the corporate bribe racket (2/26/2019)- The richest man in the world, who heads one of the world’s largest and richest corporations, is also filthy rich […]
Can Amazon sucker the people of New York? (2/14/2019)- The undisputed king of taxpayer scammers is Amazon – but a hardy band of New York commoners is delivering an […]
What’s behind this photo of corporate groundbreaking? (2/12/2019)- A newspaper photograph last June portrayed three guys in suits and ties shoveling dirt. They were Donald Trump, Wisconsin Governor […]
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