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Forget shaming this do-nothing Congress. Stop paying them! (3/20/2018) - Want good quality, lower-cost health care for your family – and (what the hell, let's think big here) for every man, woman, and (especially) every child in our society?
Can’t America do better than today’s ripoff health care system? (3/15/2018) - Rather than a health care system, our country's leaders have kept us shackled to a "corporate care" system, allowing insurance giants, drug company gougers, hospital chains, and other profiteers to ration our care based on whether a family can pay whatever outrageous price the corporations demands to maintain their exorbitant profits.
Hard times (still) in the fields (3/13/2018) - Every decade or so, America's mass media are surprised to discover that migrant farmworkers are still being miserably paid and despicably treated by the industry that profits from their labor.
Trump’s tax-cut scam worked perfectly (3/8/2018) - Remember last year when Donald Trump and his congressional Trumpeteers bragged that their yuuuuuge tax cut for corporations would spark a yuuuuuge corporate spending spree to create new jobs and higher wages?
We hear the Dow Jones Average, but why not the Doug Jones Average? (3/6/2018) - Language matters. For example, the words that corporate and government officials use to report on the health of America's economy can either make clear to us commoners what's going on – or hide and even lie about the reality we face.
What’s in Trump’s food-box? (3/1/2018) - Even Charles Dickens, England's masterful satirist of the Victorian upper class, couldn't have imagined elite rulers using a box of food as a gratuitous way to slap poor people. But Donald Trump and two of his slap-happy cabinet officials did imagine it – and then did it.
What will the Trump mob kill next? (2/28/2018) - Breaking news: Trump & Company are a murderous mob! Specifically they’ve been serial killers of the English Language. The word […]
Back to the tomato future (2/20/2018) - Food corporations and their academic cohorts keep trying to “make” an industrial tomato to rival Mother Nature’s product. And they […]
Exposing our “populist” president as a naked plutocrat (2/13/2018) - Have you noticed that Donald Trump constantly prefaces his outlandish lies with such phrases as: “To be honest with you,” […]
Why the American majority despises Trump’s Washington (2/8/2018) - It’s odd that Washington Republicans are so loudly crowing about their passage of the Trump-McConnell-Ryan tax law. Odd because the […]
Trump serves the people – rich ones, that is (2/6/2018) - Donald Trump bragged in 2016 that, “I know words – I have the best words.” Well, occasionally he does use […]
Can a robot do your job? (2/1/2018) - With corporations socking away massive profits, and with the labor market fairly tight, why are worker’s wages still stuck at […]
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