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Health care for people… or for corporate profits? (2/18/2020) - When grassroots groups rise up against the corporate establishment to try winning some specific progressive changes for the common good, […]
Should Democrats be the party of small change? (2/13/2020) - We might expect that corporate billionaires and Koch-funded Republican right-wingers would be howl-at-the-moon opponents of a wealth tax, Medicare-for-All, and […]
What’s scaring the bejeezus out of billionaires? (2/11/2020) - There’s a new political army on the march in America: Tromp-tromp-tromp they came, it’s the Billionaire Brigade! It’s actually a […]
Donald Trump uses a metal detector on the beach Where can Trump find a Good Farm Policy? (2/6/2020) - Donald Trump’s idea of a good farm program seems to be “Hee Haw.” On a recent trip to Wisconsin, he […]
Sonny and Donnie: Down on the farm (2/4/2020) - Government by the rich is called plutocracy. Government by police power is autocracy. Government by thieves is kleptocracy. Government by […]
What’s the charitable thing to do about inequality? (1/30/2020) - Our society has coined expressions like “philanthropist” to encourage and hail people’s charitable spirit. Look on the flip side of […]
What’s the Weirdest Species of All? (1/23/2020) - What’s the Weirdest Species of All? I love those nature shows that probe the behavior and intelligence of birds, elephants, […]
What car do billionaires ride in? (1/16/2020) - I’m guessing that being rich is a comfortable feeling – no money worries, you’re set for life! But is it […]
How do the rich become uber-rich? (1/14/2020) - As Ray Charles wailed in a song of true-life blues: “Them that’s got is them that gets/And I ain’t got […]
America’s healthcare border raiders (1/9/2020) - While Donald Trump fans the embers of xenophobia in our country by demonizing caravans of desperate Latinos headed north from […]
The other Mexican migration (1/7/2020) - You probably haven’t heard about it, but there’s another mass migration coming across the US-Mexico border. However, these are not […]
How to get Congress to reform our broken healthcare system (1/2/2020) - For $3.5 Trillion a year, shouldn’t we Americans have a world-class healthcare system? Yet, while we spend the most of any […]
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