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Can Amazon sucker the people of New York? (2/14/2019)- The undisputed king of taxpayer scammers is Amazon – but a hardy band of New York commoners is delivering an […]
What’s behind this photo of corporate groundbreaking? (2/12/2019)- A newspaper photograph last June portrayed three guys in suits and ties shoveling dirt. They were Donald Trump, Wisconsin Governor […]
What’s the cost of high living? (2/5/2019)- The rich aren’t merely different from you and me… they’re ridiculous! The uber-rich, I mean, the billionaire barons of Wall […]
How to keep “public” and “service” in our public Postal Service (1/24/2019)- A half-dollar hardly counts as money these days – it won’t even buy a cup of coffee! But… pssssst… here’s […]
The meek reality behind Trump’s pose as a Bull Moose Populist (1/22/2019)- It’s been pointed out that Donnie Trump has unusually small hands… but who cares? What’s truly alarming are his unusually […]
Is more technology the answer to too much technology? (1/17/2019)- We humans have got to get a whole lot smarter, says Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla automobiles and […]
Where is AI driving us? (1/15/2019)- With chaos in the White House, worsening climate disasters, more wars than we can count, and a wobbling economy here […]
How far-out is Trump’s war policy (1/10/2019)- If you think our government’s war policy has become out-of-this world cuckoo – consider the spaciness being proposed by the […]
Should you have to pay to protest? (1/8/2019)- Ideally, elections are about ideas, but these days policy discussions are being shoved aside by raw partisanship and vitriol. Not […]
Special gifts for special people (1/1/2019)- Ho-Ho-Ho, wait till you hear about the gifts I gave to some of America’s power elites for Christmas. To each […]
What would a real president do? (12/25/2018)- Instead of the rule of law, the Trumpistas prefer to rule by fear. Take immigration. “An invasion,” screeches The Donald, […]
Trump’s Post Office (12/12/2018)- Donald Trump is really quite good at one special skill: Branding. He has slapped his name on a ridiculous range […]
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