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The GOP’s grotesque plan to cope with COVID-19 (7/9/2020) - Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the disease is presently raging anew because corporate-serving public officials rushed to “open the […]
Meet the Slaphappy Governor of Texas (7/7/2020) - Once again, my state of Texas is saddled with a Republican gubernatorial goober. Greg Abbott is this guy’s name, and […]
The meek reality behind Trump’s pose as a Bull Moose Populist (7/2/2020) - It’s been pointed out that Donnie Trump has unusually small hands… but who cares? What’s truly alarming are his unusually […]
Trump versus the wisdom of Robert E. Lee (6/30/2020) - While our present President’s moral character seems stuck somewhere between boorish and brutish, it’s only fair to note that he […]
A wealth tax for American Progress (6/25/2020) - The rich are different from you and me. For one thing, they’re rich. Among the super-rich, though, there tends to […]
Who was Smedley Darlington Butler, and why is he important? (6/23/2020) - Many Americans can’t believe that political coups are part of our country’s history – but consider from the Wall Street […]
Unmasking America’s mask profiteers (6/18/2020) - Everyone should wear a protective medical mask – but some ought to be in ski masks, like those favored by […]
What’s behind a mask? (6/16/2020) - The chief cultural emblem of our times is this: Wearing a mask. Or not. These low-tech, high-impact, low-cost coverings are […]
Beware a of a Trump Coup! (6/11/2020) - The mass these protests against systemic racism are driving Donald Trump plumb crazy! Of course, that’s a pretty short drive […]
George Floyd, you, me… us (6/9/2020) - Viewing the video of George Floyd’s gruesome murder, one word from him stuck in my head, one painful human utterance […]
How social distancing can bring us together (6/4/2020) - Suddenly, “social distancing” is our new national etiquette, abruptly supplanting handshakes, hugs, gatherings, and other forms of ingrained communal behavior […]
What does “Small Government” buy us? (6/2/2020) - Amazingly, America has become a nation of socialists, asking in dismay: “Where’s the government?” These are not born-again Bernie Sanders […]
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