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A wealth of riches, a poverty of morals (10/27/2020) - Let’s say you’re a millionaire. That’s a lot of money, right? Now let’s say you’re a billionaire. That’s a lot […]
The virus that’s killing America (10/22/2020) - The holy mantra of health professionals was coined about 2,500 years ago by the Greek physician, Hippocrates: “Do no harm.” […]
The exceptional greed of healthcare executives (10/20/2020) - Sometimes I don’t know whether to weep uncontrollably, laugh hysterically, or just throw up. I recently did all three when […]
Meet a race-baiting ventriloquist (10/15/2020) - If you’re a rich Republican who’s been in the US House so long and done so little that you’re essentially […]
Bringing a rich, aloof congress-critter down to Earth (10/13/2020) - Some people who get elected to Congress grow in office, others just bloat. Michael McCaul is a bloater. A self-absorbed, […]
Trump judges require that ex-felons pay to vote (10/8/2020) - How nasty is the Republican Party’s massive campaign to thwart democracy? Ask the good people of Florida. This was one […]
Trump’s Rule of Lies (10/6/2020) - Shortly after taking office, Trump puffed himself up in full Trumpian pomposity to proclaim: “We will honor the American people […]
SPECIAL: Premiere: The South’s Got Somethin’ to Say with the Hightower Lowdown (10/2/2020) - Remember when we said that we’ve got podcast specials for you? Today we’ve got a really special one. Last year, […]
How social distancing can bring us together (10/1/2020) - Suddenly, “social distancing” is our new national etiquette, abruptly supplanting handshakes, hugs, gatherings, and other forms of ingrained communal behavior […]
What does “Small Government” buy us? (9/29/2020) - Amazingly, America has become a nation of socialists, asking in dismay: “Where’s the government?” These are not born-again Bernie Sanders […]
SPECIAL EPISODE: Hightower Chat ‘n’ Chew with George Goehl and MariaElena Fournier (9/25/2020) - As you may or may not know, Hightower has been hosting live Facebook chats throughout the pandemic with activists and […]
A fluffy, adorable squirrel holds a hunting rifle. How to arm nature against corporate profiteers (9/24/2020) - There’s a hunter’s nightmare in which a group of them flush some rabbits out of the brush. But rather than […]
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