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How Trump’s poverty subsidy enriches the rich (12/5/2019) - Breaking news: Donald Trump has inadvertently said something true! He recently exulted that his special tax incentives to spur investment […]
white persian cat in front of gold bars and coins wears a monocle How greedy billionaires become richer greedy billionaires (12/3/2019) - Years ago, a Texas legislator who was known to be bribable explained his ethical framework as opportunistic: “I seen my […]
Which food future will you choose? (11/28/2019) - America certainly has an abundance of food (even though many Americans do not), yet we face a momentous choice of […]
When and where was the first Thanksgiving Feast? (11/26/2019) - Let’s talk Turkey! No, not the Butterball sitting in the Oval Office. I’m talking about the real thing, the big […]
mr monopoly stands on a stack of gold bricks and life jackets promising he'll save everyone Why would we trust plutocrats to save us from plutocracy (11/21/2019) - Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote of being leery of a fast-talking huckster who visited his home: “The louder he talked […]
When the world’s on fire, what should we do? (11/19/2019) - For millions of people around the globe – especially young people – the pressing issue of our time is this: […]
What’s the Weirdest Species of All? (11/14/2019) - I love those nature shows that probe the behavior and intelligence of birds, elephants, and other fellow creatures. However, there’s […]
Want to Help Stop Big Oil’s Thievery? (11/5/2019) - The one thing you never want to hear your dentist say is: “Oops!” It’s also alarming to hear that from […]
Donald Trump uses a metal detector on the beach Where can Trump find a Good Farm Policy? (10/31/2019) - Donald Trump’s idea of a good farm program seems to be “Hee Haw.” On a recent trip to Wisconsin, he […]
Sonny and Donnie: Down on the farm (10/29/2019) - Government by the rich is called plutocracy. Government by police power is autocracy. Government by thieves is kleptocracy. Government by […]
A wealth tax for American Progress (10/24/2019) - The rich are different from you and me. For one thing, they’re rich. Among the super-rich, though, there tends to […]
Where to get the money to start fixing American inequality (10/22/2019) - Jesse Jackson ran a strong populist campaign for president in 1988, advocating bold new policies and programs to address inequality. […]
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