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How much does Donald Trump love farmers? (6/18/2019) - Have you noticed how often Donald Trump prefaces his comments and tweets with phrases like “frankly,” “to tell the truth,” […]
Trump to working class: Adios Chumps (6/13/2019) - We have a president who mistakes price for value. Thus, to measure America’s economic health, he simply checks the price […]
Did you get an $800,000 pay raise last year? (6/11/2019) - Congratulations on that nice pay raise you got last year. A seven percent hike – wow! After 40 years of […]
Should our natural resources have legal rights? (6/7/2019) - From the very start of our nation, the most popular forum for debating and shaping our democratic rights was not […]
How to arm nature against corporate profiteers (6/4/2019) - There’s a hunter’s nightmare in which a group of them flush some rabbits out of the brush. But rather than […]
Where’s the beef in Trump’s new trade deal? (5/21/2019) - "MAGA," blusters Donald Trump – Make America Great Again! America's ranching families, however, would like Trump to come off his high horse and get serious about a more modest goal, namely: Make America COOL Again.
Why a 70% tax rate on the superrich would be good for America (5/17/2019) - Once upon a time, there was a place where the prevailing ethic of the very richest people was that monetary […]
What is the “AI agenda,” who’s pushing it, and why? (5/9/2019) - Corporate bosses don’t talk about it in public, but among themselves – psssst – they whisper excitedly about implementing a […]
Big Mac’s new Big Data “innovation” (5/7/2019) - The great thing about corporate giants is that they are such amazing business innovators. For example, in the category of […]
We hear the Dow Jones Average, but why not the Doug Jones Average? (5/1/2019) - Language matters. For example, the words that corporate and government officials use to report on the health of America’s economy […]
Tax Dodgers Incorporated (4/25/2019) - Fats Domino sings: “I found my thrill, on Blueberry Hill.” Maybe, but America’s richest corporate powers know precisely where to […]
Tax day: A thrill… or a chill? (4/23/2019) - How thrilling was tax day for you? I refer, of course, to the thrill of getting that big juicy reduction […]
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