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The New American Aristocracy (6/21/2018) - Multibillionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch, want to supplant America's core democratic principle of majority rule...
The Koch Coup (6/19/2018) - The Koch Brothers believe that their great wealth entitles them to rule over the many – so, for decades, they've been running a surreptitious assault on the rules that protect the majority of us from their abuse.
Thieves in the suites (6/14/2018) - Workplace exploitation is at least as old as the industrial revolution. But rather than using whips to make the assembly lines move ever-faster, today's corporate exploiters use technology, devious work schedules, and lobbyists to extract more work from employees – for less pay.
Guess who’s serving the student loan industry? (6/7/2018) - Question: What do you get when you combine ignorance, imperiousness, and incompetence? Answer: Betsy DeVos.
How low can the barons of high finance go? (6/5/2018) - “Greed is good,” proclaimed Gordon Gekko, lead character in a 1987 film lampooning the low ethics of the high finance barons of Wall Street.
The meek reality behind Trump’s pose as a Bull Moose Populist (5/31/2018) - It's been pointed out that Donnie Trump has unusually small hands... but who cares?
Doctor Trump Prescribes a Sugar-Coated Nothing Pill (5/30/2018) - President Trump is said to see himself as a sort of Teddy Roosevelt. TR, however, was known as a trust buster, while DT has become known as a trust hugger.
Who was Smedley Darlington Butler, and why is he important? (5/24/2018) - Many Americans can't believe that political coups are part of our country's history – but consider from the Wall Street Putsch of 1933.
Koch Industries doesn’t just lobby government, it’s becoming the government (5/22/2018) - The Koch brothers extremist political agenda of empowering multinational corporation's to reign as sovereigns over the majority will of the people has always been inextricably entwined with the profiteering agenda of their wholly-owned, $100-billion-a-year, industrial conglomerate.
How vicious is the GOP’s war on the poor? (5/17/2018) - Generals plan wars, but battlefield commanders do the bloody work.
Why is Trump waging war on the poor? (5/15/2018) - Get ready America – here we go to war!
Are job incentive programs good for communities? (5/10/2018) - Governors and mayors insist that giving our tax dollars to corporations to lure them to move to our cities is good public policy, because the corporations create jobs, those workers pay taxes and – Voila – the corporate giveaway pays for itself! Really?
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