Do something! Vote — our democracy depends on it

Photo by David Sachs / SEIU

Suggestions* from Democracy Docket to counter Trump’s pre-election sabotage of the USPS during Covid:

Vote early in person. Allowed in 41 states, it can avoid crowded or long lines.

Use a ballot drop box. Find out if and where your state or county provides this secure, convenient option for sealed and signed mail ballots. Not enough boxes? Demand more.

Drop your signed and sealed ballot at your own local election office or polling location. This practice is permitted in almost all states; some states allow drop-off at any voting location in your county.

Organize community ballot collection. Many states allow designated organizations, election officials, or family members to collect and submit a voter’s signed and sealed ballot–crucial for high-risk or home-bound voters.

Want to do more?

👉  Help your friends vote: Voter Network is a free “relational contact” phone app that helps you help others navigate this year’s voting hoops.

👉  Sign up to be an Election Protection Volunteer with Protect the Vote. If you’ve got legal experience, volunteer to field legal needs with We the Action.

👉  The Sightline Institute also has state-by-state resources for what you can do to protect vote-by-mail in your state. And check out 6 Steps to Keep Voters and Elections Safe in 2020.

*State laws vary widely, so check rules for your jurisdiction: The US Vote Foundation makes it easy to find where and how to vote.

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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