April 2009

Last month, I asked my radio listeners to come up with new words to describe the abominable sense of self-entitlement that presently afflicts Wall Street bankers. I noted that terms like “greedy,” “shameful,” and “narcissistic” were way too mild to do the job. Here are a few of their creations (excluding numerous four-letter offerings):

  • Banksters
  • Snout-n-troughers
  • Greasels
  • Megalomoneyacs
  • Mammonists
  • SocioMBApath
  • Gruppies
  • Leechengrubbers
  • Avaricetocrats
  • Conivoraceous
  • Amoral rapacious financial terrorists
  • Sons of syphilitic goats (apparently a severe insult in the Middle East)

Then there’s the fellow who proposed an existing term–“psychotic.”

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