Name those greedheads!

Last month, I asked my radio listeners to come up with new words to describe the abominable sense of self-entitlement that presently afflicts Wall Street bankers. I noted that terms like “greedy,” “shameful,” and “narcissistic” were way too mild to do the job. Here are a few of their creations (excluding numerous four-letter offerings):

  • Banksters
  • Snout-n-troughers
  • Greasels
  • Megalomoneyacs
  • Mammonists
  • SocioMBApath
  • Gruppies
  • Leechengrubbers
  • Avaricetocrats
  • Conivoraceous
  • Amoral rapacious financial terrorists
  • Sons of syphilitic goats (apparently a severe insult in the Middle East)

Then there’s the fellow who proposed an existing term–“psychotic.”

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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