No, JEFF, not in my name!

Bezos constantly claims that his relentless push for an Amazonian remake of our economy and culture is all about helping consumers. Well, I’m a consumer–and he certainly doesn’t speak for me. How about you?

I oppose his exploitation of workers, his bullying of suppliers, his gaming of the tax laws, and his anti-competitive assaults on small businesses. As consumers, let’s tell Bezos to speak for himself and to cease using us as a front for his own disgraceful greed.

Send a message to Bezos: Not in my Name!

Send it with your own personal comment to: or Jeff Bezos,, Inc, 410 Terry Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109. And please send a copy of your message to us at or at 81 San Marcos St., Austin, TX 78702.

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