Senate and House “intelligence”?

In January, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chair of the intelligence committee, teamed up with her House counterpart, Rep. Mike Rogers, to do a version of the old Joe McCarthy Red Scare shtick.

Without offering an iota of evidence or citing any sources, the Dianne & Mike comedy team declared on NBC’s Meet the Press that they suspect Snowden was working as a spy for Russia, even while he was employed as a data analyst at NSA. How is it, wondered the perpetually dumbfounded Rogers on national television, that the dissenter “ended up in the hands” of Moscow?

Hello. Did he not know that Snowden had been deliberately trapped there by our government, which stripped him of his passport and threatened all Western governments against granting him sanctuary? Then Feinstein, asked directly if she thought the leaker had ties to Russian commies, said evasively: “He may well have.”

Good grief. These are our intelligence leaders? As an ACLU official said of the Feinstein-Rogers charge: “It’s not only false. It’s silly.”

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