July 2014

In order of the date of passage, here are the 16 states that have already petitioned Congress to let their citizens vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s edicts:

Hawaii, April 2010; New Jersey, Oct. 2012; New Mexico, Jan. 2012; Montana, Nov. 2012; Vermont, April 2012; Colorado, Nov. 2012; Maryland, April 2012; West Virginia, April 2013; Rhode Island, May 2012; Maine, April 2013; California, July 2012; Illinois, May 2013; Massachusetts, July 2012; Delaware, June 2013;Connecticut, Sept. 2012; Oregon, July 2013

The Let’s Be Blunt Award goes to three states for the plain-spoken language of their petitions to Congress: Montana: (“corporations are not human beings”), New Jersey (“a person means only a natural person”), and Vermont (“money is not speech and corporations are not persons”).

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