September 2012

“Michiganistan” is a huge national story with profound consequences for America’s historic ideal of being a self-governing people, the very essence of our nation’s governing ethic. So, where’s the national media? Asleep at the switch. However, there has been one wide-awake exception to the somnolent media: MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show.” For more than a year, she and her guests have been all over this outrage, pounding it again and again, giving grassroots Michiganders strength as they fight the Snyder-Mackinac-Koch autocracy, and gradually prodding other media outlets to wake up and start paying some attention.

Her work is investigative journalism at its best, and it demonstrates yet again why alternative media voices are so essential to our society and our nation’s democratic ideals.

For this issue of the Lowdown, I relied on transcripts of a dozen shows Maddow has done on Michigan–drawing on the astonishing facts, background stories, insights, and passion that she and her crew have brought to the public. You, too, can find and download transcripts at

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