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Yes, it’s true: Scoundrels have been tampering with the ballot! Unfortunately for Trump, the scoundrels are in his own party. Ouch.

Take Republican operative Leslie Dowless Jr., who helped a North Carolina GOP congressional candidate narrowly defeat a Democrat in 2018. But–oops–Dowless was later charged as the ringleader of a partisan cabal that “collected” absentee ballots, forged signatures on them, and illegally mailed them to election officials. State authorities later overturned the fraudulent victory, Dowless was indicted, and at long last Donald Trump had one actual case proving that voter fraud exists. For some reason, though, he never mentions it.

There’s more: Virginia Republican Rep. Scott Taylor’s campaign staff submitted voter signatures to put a bogus third-party candidate on last November’s ballot, hoping the ringer would siphon votes from Taylor’s Democratic challenger. But–oops again–they tried to shortcut the process by forging the signatures of district voters. A judge called it an “out-and-out” fraud, and Taylor lost to the Dem.

And in July, a Kansas GOP congress critter, Steve Watkins, was officially charged on three felony counts of election fraud, including falsifying his voter-registration papers to try to vote illegally in a Topeka municipal race. Stupidly, he had listed a local UPS store as his home address, later claiming it was an innocent mistake. (Oh, I forgot, I don’t live in a UPS store.) Watkins only squeaked into office in 2018, thanks to a questionable infusion of cash by an outside political group–founded, funded, and run by his father! Daddy Watkins is now under federal investigation for illegal campaign donations, and junior lost his reelection bid in the August primary.

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