The (non-profit) Hightower Lowdown needs your support

The Lowdown is the genuine article: One hundred percent of our revenue comes from just plain folks. If you send a gift today, the Lowdown can keep providing the kind of vital popular education work that regular folks need. And you’ll get a tax deduction.

If you can, please throw a few bucks into Hightower’s hat today. Our staff knows how to stretch every dollar, and your generosity is what will keep us in this fight to move America forward. I’m proud to be in the fight with you. 


Prefer mailing a check? We take those too:

Hightower Lowdown
PO Box 3109
Langhorne PA 19047

I’m making moves!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started a Substack newsletter for all of our content. You’ll still find our older, archived materials here at, but the latest (and greatest?) observations from Jim Hightower are only now available at our new Substack website.

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