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Greetings, friends from the Media Distribution Center,

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am that you take the time to run my work. Helping me get the good word out there means the world to me!

We’re able to share this content at low or no cost to our membership because the non-profit Hightower Lowdown subsidizes its production. But the Lowdown itself is always in need of financial support: the costs of research and reporting add up, and there’s the expense of printing and mailing, and the care and feeding of all the web sites…

Will you make a contribution to support our work?

We work hard to keep costs down, but the non-profit Lowdown doesn’t take advertisements, and (unlike much of Congress) we don’t have big corporate sponsors. We depend on the generosity of Lowdowners to help us keep raising hell.

Please, kick in what you can. Every bit helps!

Thanks from me and all the Lowdown gang,

I’m making moves!

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