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Why are corporate bosses smiling?

Two coalitions that helped pass USMCA are made up of some 200 multinational corporate powers that are together responsible for more than half a million trade-related US job losses under the old Nafta.
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Punishing trade pirates? It’s complicated.

Pirates? Well, what else to call a country that makes such robbery core to its economic development strategy? [WARNING: Inconvenient historical truth dead ahead.] You could call it the United States of America.
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Let’s decode Trump’s Afta-Nafta trade deal

Global trade deals are and always have been large-scale hustles, filled with hypocrisy, deceit, and greed. Promoted as fair and good for all, they're invariably rigged with profiteering schemes that lock into law advantages for corporations over the common good of consumers, the environment, labor, independent businesses, governments, and all other democratic forces. The USMCA is no different-- and is, in fact, worse.