An action agenda for the Time of COVID

An unexpected and profound impact of today's horrific coronavirus crisis is that it is prompting a society-wide recalculation of the rocky road our nation's power elites have put us on. Mass death and economic collapse have a way of focusing public attention, not only prompting anger, but leading people to question the morality of the system itself. The abject failure of that system to cope with (or, initially, even address) the deadly pandemic, along with the aloof arrogance of the system's profiteers, has jolted open the minds of a huge swath of the general public to the reality that "We don't matter to them." As FDR taught Herbert Hoover in 1932, in times of widespread troubles, ordinary folks begin to understand that status quo is Latin for "the mess we're in." That's when they open up to non-establishment thinking, seeking solutions potent enough to meet the challenge.