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The political and the personal

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer - Sun., 1/13/08
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FREE POLITICAL ADVICE: If you're going to bash illegal immigrants as part of your presidential bid, you shouldn't hire any of them to do personal work for you.

CASE #1: Mitt Romney. A vociferous proponent of building a really big border fence to keep these devils out, the Mittster has now been caught not once, but twice, hiring a landscaping firm that uses illegal workers to tend the lawns, tennis court, etc. at his suburban mansion near Boston.

CASE #2: Tom Tancredo. This ferocious anti-immigrant crusader, who considers illegal workers the scourge of our country, hired a construction crew in 2001to build a 1000square foot entertainment room in his Colorado home. Apparently, Tom didn't notice that only two of the crew spoke English, nor did he express any curiosity about the legal status of those who toiled for him. Most turned out to be undocumented "aliens," as he likes to call them. As one of the men later said, Tancredo "doesn't want us here, but he'll take advantage of our sweat and our labor. It's just not right."

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