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A Texas super-goober

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer - Wed., 6/28/06
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Time to present another Gooberhead Award for people in the news who’ve got their tongues running 100 miles per hour but forgot to put their brains in gear.
This month’s awardee is Debbie Riddle, who represents Houston in the Texas state legislature. After a committee hearing on the hardships of the poor folks living along the Texas-Mexico border, Rep. Riddle rose on her hind legs and asked:

“Where did this idea come from that everybody deserves free education, free medical care, free whatever? It comes from Moscow,” Debbie howled, “from Russia. It comes straight out of the pit of hell.”

Gosh, Debbie, I hesitate to hurt your head with anything heavy like American history, but the idea for free public education sprang not from the minds of fiendish commies, but from the democratic noggins of Thomas Jefferson and the other founders, as well as such conservative American thinkers as Horace Mann and old Andrew Carnegie.

As for free health care, Deb, it might surprise you to learn that this is an ethical concept widely accepted in America and preached by most religions. I know that legislators are squeamish about ethics, but it’s pretty simple: If human beings get sick, they ought to get treatment, even if they’re poor.

The worst thing about this Goober’s ignorance is that it’s become dogma among right-wingers—and these are the folks in charge!

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