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Cell phone alert

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer - Sat., 1/1/00
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Cell phones are the Newt Gingrich of technology—loud, arrogant, obnoxious.

Of course, it's the user, not the phone that's rude, and at times I've wished bodily harm on some yo-yo for yammering at full volume into his little phone. But I certainly wouldn't wish a tumor on him.

Unfortunately, more and more scientific research suggests that people who keep a cell phone jammed to their ear for long periods are getting doses of radiation that can lead to tumors on the inner ear and brain, and genetic damage.

The cell phone industry says studies prove their products are perfectly safe. Wrong. In 1993, when the industry first made such a claim, no studies had even been done. But, in 1995, one of their hirelings, public health scientist George Carlo, found that the devices interfered with pacemakers. The industry responded not by alerting heart patients and doctors, but by axing Carlo's funding. Later, after agreeing not to research pacemakers, Carlo got his funding back—and this time his findings are even more alarming, connecting longtime cell-phone use to brain and inner-ear tumors. Again, however, the industry is in denial.

If you must use a cell phone, get a headset so the radiation is not shooting right into your skull.

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