A boy's invention exposes Islamophobes

Good grief. Just when you think that self-delusional, right-wing extremists can't get any more delusional – they're now going after Ahmed Mohamed.
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
A boy's invention exposes Islamophobes

Good grief. Just when you think that self-delusional, right-wing extremists can’t get any more delusional – they’re now going after Ahmed Mohamed.

He’s the 14-year-old, all American boy from Irving, Texas, who recently built a homemade clock, proudly taking it to his school to show it off. But rather than being congratulated for ingenuity and craftsmanship, Ahmed was greeted by some so-called “adult” teachers at McArthur High School as an Islamic terrorist. In a ridiculous, knee-jerk reaction to an American-born, inventive boy – who just happens to be Muslim – they called in the bomb squad! If someone named Alfred Mulholland had brought the clock to class, he would’ve been hailed for creativity.

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Irving police stormed in, arrested Ahmed on criminal charges, handcuffed him, and hauled him and his “bomb” off to jail. Of course, he was soon released, since his bomb was – you know – a clock. But, oh gollies, then came the goofballs! Glenn Beck, goofball-in-chief, weighed in to proclaim apocalyptically: “For some reason, Irving is important to Islamists.” Generalissimo Beck then asserted that terrorists planted Ahmed there and planned his arrest as “a dog whistle” to call in a jihadist invasion.

Friends, I’ve been to Irving. While its mayor is prone to giving anti-Muslim speeches, it is not – I repeat: NOT – a place ISIS would consider a prize worthy of capture.

But don’t count on reality or any level of common sense to penetrate the dunderheads of Beckinsian goofballism. They’ll even trample a 14-year-old boy – again, an all-American, smart, enterprising youngster – to serve their grim, fearful, political agenda.

The Ahmed Mohameds’s are our hope for a brighter America – and already this bright fellow has inadvertently invented a device that exposes Islamophobes! There oughta be a Nobel Prize for that.

“Conspiracy theories on clock maker swirl,” Austin American Statesman, September 24, 2015.

I’m making moves!

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