Billionaires-without-a-clue want to "fix" Washington

If you think the Koch Klub of Plutocratic Billionaires couldn't get any more self-centered and whiney – meet Doug and Holly Deason of Dallas.

If you think the Koch Klub of Plutocratic Billionaires couldn’t get any more self-centered and whiney – meet Doug and Holly Deason of Dallas.

The Deasons, along with 10 other Dallas members of KKPB, recently co-signed an op-ed in that city’s Morning News. The privileged coterie expressed dismay at the widespread criticism of the Koch brothers’ January conclave of über-rich right-wingers who pledged about a billion bucks to try buying the 2016 elections. The dozen Dallasites were at that meeting, joined the pledge, and want us commoners to know that the Kochites are flooding the elections with so much money merely because they want to install a national government that is “impartial” and “accountable.”

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Really? No – a truly-impartial government would place toxic waste, pipelines, factories, and fracking wells in everyone’s zip codes – including theirs. They don’t want that! Also, these notorious tax dodgers certainly don’t want to have every dollar of their income taxed – just as, say, schoolteachers do. And doesn’t “impartial” mean that their children would have to go fight in America’s endless wars, too, rather than leaving that unpleasant task to the non-privileged?

They really want to install an “impartial” government that’s partial to them, letting them run roughshod over the rest of us in their avaricious accumulation of greater wealth, power, and privilege. And what a hoot for the 1-percent-of-the-1-percent to demand that government be “accountable,” when they’re running dark-money political campaigns that hide their identities and use front-groups to keep voters from knowing that the KKPB is out to buy America’s democratic process.

Any government that would be installed by the money and deceit of such self-righteous, narcissistic cowards would not be worthy of America’s name, its democratic ideals, or its people.

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“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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