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Today, please allow me to have a personal moment with you regular listeners to my Hightower Radio commentaries.

For nearly 25 years now, I’ve proudly been “radioactive”! I don’t mean contaminated with radiation, but joyfully using this wonderful megaphone called radio to spread an undiluted populist message all across the country and beyond. Since 1993, I’ve been airing my two-minute “Little Pops of Populism” five times a week on about 200 terrific stations like this one.

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In the past couple of years, however, I’ve taken on several extra loads of work, including the development of other progressive media resources, trying to connect various populist groups into a nationwide grassroots network, traveling all over to support the growing number of populist issue campaigns and candidates, and expanding the internet outreach of my Hightower Lowdown newsletter and podcasts (find them at

To keep all of this flowing (and to keep me on the top side of the grass), I need to rebalance my workload. That doesn’t mean I would give up my “Pops of Populism” broadcasts – after all, staying radioactive is what lets me connect directly to you, generating irreplaceable feedback and ideas from the local community. Rather, I’m simply reducing the frequency of the commentaries to two new commentaries each week, combine with three of my classic commentaries. This will keep them (and me) fresh. Each one will remain 100-percent-pure populist, and will be delivered – as we say in Texas – with a passion “hotter than high school love.”

Thank you. Thanks to you who’re tuning in for my populist take, and to all of you activists who’ve responded to my frequent calls for grassroots action, and thanks especially to the radio stations that are keeping my populist voice and viewpoints on the public airwaves. Please stay tuned… and let’s keep being radioactive together.

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