At long last, the powerhouse bankers of the global financial system are over it.

     At long last, the powerhouse bankers of the global financial system are over it.

     Over their reckless, get-rich-quick gambling addiction that wrecked our economy, you ask? Well, no, not that. Instead, they have made a total recovery from that fleeting movement of public embarrassment they felt a couple of years ago when they crashed their banks and had to go on the government dole to save themselves.

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     That was so yesterday, they now tell us. For example, Barclays, the global financial giant that grabbed nearly $50 billion in emergency bailout loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep from going under, has completely regained its swagger. Barclay’s top American banker, Robert Diamond (yes, that’s really his name), practically sparkled with blinding arrogance when he recently declared: “There was a period of remorse and apology for banks – I think that period needs to be over.” With a sweep of his hand, Diamond added that “the question for us is: how do we put some of the blame game behind us?”

     Game? Your Diamondness, may we peasants assure you that our outrage is no game. You and your peers are to blame for the harm that your narcissistic greed has wreaked on millions of workaday families. They subsidized your return to undeserved profitability, allowing fewer and bigger banks like yours to keep looting our economy. Financial giants now capture 29 percent of all business profits in America, yet you’re producing practically nothing for the benefit of the larger economy. 

     Meanwhile, the top federal watchdog monitoring the Wall Street bailout reports that the reforms adopted by Congress last year are too weak, leaving several of the giants still “too big to fail,” thus threatening our economy with another collapse and bailout. To help bring them down to size, contact Bankster USA:

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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