GOP thugs blocking democracy

Not bothering to vote is deplorable – but preventing others from voting is disgraceful and disgusting.
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
GOP thugs blocking democracy

Not bothering to vote is deplorable – but preventing others from voting is disgraceful and disgusting.

Yet, voter suppression has become an acceptable, routine, and widespread political tactic of Republican officials, operatives, and funders. This year, the Vile Nasties of Suppression were in full howl in such key states as Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin, telling lies and twisting the rules to deter minorities and other likely Democratic voters from casting ballots.

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“Voter Fraud Is A Felony!” screeched 140 billboards strategically placed in inner-city neighborhoods of Ohio and Wisconsin. They pictured a judge’s gavel slamming down, along with this bogarting message: “3½ years and $10,000 Fine.”

Subtle, huh? The ads had no disclosure of who paid for them. When told they’d have to own up to their sponsorship, the cowardly suppressors chose instead to have the billboards taken down. Well, they can run, but they can’t hide – the Einhorn Family Foundation of Milwaukee was behind this nastiness. It’s the right-wing plaything of the billionaire Einhorn family, venture capital hucksters who use their fortune to back right-wing politicians and – get this – to “promote liberty.”

Then there are sorry public officials like Florida governor Rick Scott who rig election rules to make voting hard-to-impossible for many Democrats. This year, he slashed the days for early voting almost in half, had thousands of unsuspecting voters purged from the rolls, and refused to alleviate nightmarish wait-times of three to nine hours at some Democratic polling places. “But,” declared this cynical scoundrel, “I want everybody to get out to vote.”

And I want political thugs like him to get out of the way of our democracy. To help shove them aside, connect with The Brennan Center for Justice at

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