Jeff Bezos Goes to Sea

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Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jeff Bezos Goes to Sea

It’s been an all-time record year of runaway wealth for America’s billionaires, with this tiny clique vastly widening the chasm separating them from us hoi polloi. For example, Amazon jefe Jeff Bezos hauled in $190 billion for the year. That pays him more than $360,000 a minute, for every single minute of the year.

So much taken by so few who do so little while harming so many.
Bezos erected his corporate empire on the backs of non-union workers he routinely exploits, plus millions of taxpayers he bilks. Indeed, his recent surge of wealth comes not from innovation or hard work, but from the windfall of bloated Wall Street stock prices, making him richer without lifting a finger.

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Yet media and politicians hail Jeff as a Big Thinking Genius! Seriously? This self-centered ego’s top achievement this year was to have the world’s largest superyacht built for him – a 400 foot-long, sea going palace. But – oops! – Jeff’s pleasure craft can’t get to the ocean, because it’s too tall to go under a bridge just downriver from the Dutch city where he’s having it built. No problem for a billionaire “genius,” though – Boss Bezos simply instructed local officials to dismantle their historic bridge so his toy could pass through. But, no go, for outraged locals learned of his imperious scheme and quickly organized a massive rotten-egg brigade, pledging to pelt the colossal yacht (and possibly Jeff). Very bad political optics. So, the American mogul’s billions were not allowed to buy his way out.

It’s still unclear how he’ll get it out to sea. But one Dutch wag helpfully pointed out to him: “You can still take your giant boat out for short trips down to the bridge and back.” If these mega-rich privileged ones are so smart, why are they so stupid?

I’m making moves!

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