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What a great group of groups! They've got names like "Winning Our Future," "Make Us Great Again," and "Red, White and Blue."

What a great group of groups! They’ve got names like “Winning Our Future,” “Make Us Great Again,” and “Red, White and Blue.”

What’s not so great is that these are special-interest superPACs that are sacking up millions of dollars in a gross effort to buy the presidential election for their favored candidate. “Winning Our Future,” for example is backing Newt Gingrich’s run. It had a big winning hand recently when a billionaire casino baron put down a $5 million bet on Newt. Forget one-man, one vote – he’s in with five million big ones!

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Is there anything that We The People can do about this massive money corruption? Happily, yes! Step one is to repeal a perverse Supreme Court ruling that corporations are “persons” entitled to spend unlimited sums to purchase candidates who’ll serve them.

The second anniversary of that ridiculous decree comes up this month, and several truly-great grassroots groups are holding two days of action on January 20 and 21 to assert people power over money power. Friday the 20th will be “Occupy the Courts” day, with festive and feisty mass protests at dozens of federal courthouses throughout the land. You can find information and a location of an event near you at

Then, on Saturday, the United For The People coalition is coordinating fun and effective actions in dozens of cities to confront various “corporate persons” and rally support for a people’s veto of the Supreme Court’s democracy-busting edict. There’ll be citizens posses, corporate crime scenes, local exposes of corporations posing as “people,” music, street theater, etc.

You can join the national action, locally. For ideas, tips, and action kits to help you “do democracy” in your community this coming Friday and Saturday, go to

“Gingrich super PAC gets $5 million boost,” Austin American Statesman, January 8, 2012.

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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