Ken-The-Sex-Cop for Governor

As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows. Take Anthony Weiner. Please!

As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows. Take Anthony Weiner. Please!

But the twisted tweeter of New York City politics is hardly alone in the strange world of over-sexed campaigns – and at least he wasn’t trying to put his strangeness into law, like Ken Cuccinelli is doing. Ken, the far-right-wing attorney general of Virginia, is now running for governor. But it turns out that he really wants to be Virginia’s top sex cop, patrolling people’s bedrooms.

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That state’s official tourist slogan brags that “Virginia Is For Lovers.” But not if they’re into anything icky, snaps Cuccinelli, who’s pushing hard to reinstate a “Crimes Against Nature Law,” which was declared unconstitutional by a 2003 Supreme Court ruling.

Ken loved that law because it banned sex that he finds unnatural, which apparently is everything beyond “doing it” in the missionary position. In particular, the law declared that it’s a “crime against nature” (and the state) “If any person carnally knows… any male or female person… by or with the mouth.” Yes, that’s a ban on oral sex. Even by consenting adults, including married adults, in the privacy of their own bedrooms! Cuccinelli, who masquerades as a small-government conservative, finds that icky – and, by God, he wants his personal hang-up enshrined in law and enforced by government agents.

Even sicker, Cuccinelli is trying to disguise this prudish invasion of people’s privacy by calling it – get this – the “Anti-Child Predators Law.” Well, the old law did have a sexual predators provision, but why not keep that and strip out the clearly-unconstitutional ban on oral sex in the home? No, says Cuccinelli, who personally intervened to kill a legislative effort to do just that.

Beware of Ken-the-Sex-Cop – or any other politicos who want in your bedroom.

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