Media Barons shun major Populist meeting

Do America's establishment media outlets exist to inform the general public about what's going on – or to hide the goings-on that the establishment doesn't like?
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Media Barons shun major Populist meeting

Do America’s establishment media outlets exist to inform the general public about what’s going on – or to hide the goings-on that the establishment doesn’t like?

Years ago, many establishment newspapers effectively “disappeared” progressive groups by refusing to report on their meetings and actions, hoping to keep the general public from hearing anti-establishment messages or knowing about progressive alternatives. For example, the dominant paper in Dallas so totally excluded progressives that activists gave the daily a new slogan: “The Dallas Morning News – If It Happens In Dallas, It’s News To Us.”

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That same slogan could fit most of our national media sources today. For example, you probably didn’t hear about a momentous political gathering of grassroots progressives that recently took place in Washington, DC. Called “Populism2015,” it was coordinated by National People’s Action – a fast-growing coalition of workers, environmentalists, low-income people, farmers, clergy and others. More than 1,000 experienced activists of every race, age, gender, and region attended. This was not just another conference of yackety-yakkers, but the construction crew of a new bottom-up politics that’s building a genuine grassroots movement around a bold populist agenda.

So, where were America’s news sources? National reporters and pundits, who give “in-depth” coverage to silly straw polls and other fabricated political “news,” shunned this real news. The fact that such a movement is organizing would give hope to many disenchanted voters and non-voters – yet the mass media utterly failed its basic duty: Inform the public about what’s happening.

This is Jim Hightower saying… While this grassroots reality is news to the media establishment, you can learn about Populism2015 at

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