Message to Robert Rubin: Please go away

Will America ever get shuck of Robert Rubin?

Will America ever get shuck of Robert Rubin?

The Wall Street peer became a top economic witch doctor for Bill Clinton in the 1990s, convincing old Gullible Bill to (1) drop his campaign promise to help working families by raising the minimum wage, (2) push hard for the job-crushing NAFTA scam, and (3) join the odious Republican Senator, Phil Gramm, in the disastrous deregulation of Wall Street derivatives, which lead to the 2008 economic collapse that’s still crushing our middle class. Heck of a job, Robbie!

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Having worked his magic with Bill, Rubin hightailed it back to Wall Street, where he led Citigroup into a bunch of reckless gambles, resulting in serial bailouts that cost us taxpayers hundreds-of-billions of dollars. But Robert wasn’t through. Among his protégés are Timmy Geithner and Larry Summers, and he helped slip them into the top economic spots in the Obama regime.

Geithner, a Wall Street trusty, headed the Treasury and dutifully fought such true reformers as Elizabeth Warren, when she was trying to stop the Street’s too-big-to-fail greedheads. Summers, a comically-incompetent economics professor, was the “genius” who convinced Obama in 2009 to implement only a small, weak stimulus plan, then to surrender even that to Republican demands for a failed, budget-butchering, austerity scheme.

With a record like that, surely we’ve heard the last of the Rubinistas, right? We wish! But, no. Astonishingly, Rubin’s deep circle of economic hell has been pushing “screw-up” Summers on Obama, saying he’s just the man to take over the Federal Reserve, America’s national monetary system, and fix our economy.

Sure he is. The problem is that Rubin & Crew use “fix” in the same way your veterinarian means it. To say “NO!” to Summers, go to

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