Mitch McConnell is mad

That Mitch McConnell ­what a scream he is!
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Mitch McConnell is mad

That Mitch McConnell ­what a scream he is!

The Republican Senate leader ­who’s perpetually in a political pout ­hates, hates, hates any effort to limit the gusher of corrupting cash that corporate powers are spewing into our elections. In particular, the Kentucky Senator is mad, mad, mad at Barack Obama, accusing him of
“attempting to change the First Amendment” by curtailing the free speech rights of corporations.

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Mitch, you see, agrees with the five-man Supreme Court edict in the infamous Citizens United case that a corporation is a “person”, that corporate money is “speech”, and that these poor corporations have had their “voices” silenced by past Congressional action to restrict their buying of our elections. Mitch is also one of the few Americans who actually gets misty-eyed over the odd notion that corporations have not had a strong enough voice in our government. As I mentioned, Mitch is mad ­as in truly insane, cuckoo, nuts!

Earth to senator: It was the black-robed thugs on the Court who arrogantly changed the First Amendment – ­not Obama. They completely perverted the founders’ intention that corporations should have practically zero involvement in The People’s elections. Second, Obama’s effort to curtail the corporate purchase of our political system is decidedly modest ­he’s simply proposing that those flooding our airwaves with negative attack ads should have to disclose their names, rather than hiding behind front groups. Yet, McConnell defends the secret corporate assault on our democracy by wailing that merely having to admit their sponsorship of the ad blitz would expose these Goliath’s to “harassment and intimidation.”

Gosh, Mitch, how can we thank you enough for defending these poor corporate Goliaths against us Davids? Like I said, McConnell is a scream.

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