Mitt Romney's gang of highway robbers

Look out – the Kleptocrat Gang is loose on the land!

Look out – the Kleptocrat Gang is loose on the land!

Unlike thieves of old, this gang is not out to rob bags of cash from banks and railroads. Instead, they are bankers and high-rolling railroaders who’re using their own heavy bags of cash as weapons to steal our elections and turn our government into their servant. A small group of Wall Street billionaires, for example, has stuffed some $20 million into a super-sized bag of cash that Mitt Romney has used to club his GOP opponents into submission. Their money has gone into a SuperPAC, appropriately named “Restore Our Future.” They definitely mean their future, not yours and mine.

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Among the members of Romney’s attack-PAC are four hedge-fund hustlers who put up a million dollars or more each. Ed Conard, another million-dollar member, literally tried to be a masked robber – this Wall Streeter tried to disguise his donation by using a fake name.

Why are these high-finance billionaires riding with Romney? Because he has sworn a blood oath to protect the very special speculator’s tax break that they get for doing practically nothing of social value. Unlike most Americans, they make their money on other people’s money, rather than work, and their lobbyists have gouged a loophole in the law allowing them to be taxed at less than half the rate assessed on the rest of us. President Obama is proposing to tax their income like everyone else’s, and the Kleptocrats see Romney – who, after all, is one of them – as their best bet to beat Obama and save their lucrative piece of tax favoritism.

These and other financial elites are now rearming their Restore Our Future PAC with many more million-dollar donations to buy attack ads that’ll pound Obama. These self-serving billionaire Kleptocrats are turning our elections into highway robbery.

“Finance industry makes up nearly half of pro-Romney super PAC’s donations,”, April 2, 2012.

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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