Thank you, Newt Gingrich! A grateful nation rises in gratitude for the moral example that you provide to our youth!

Thank you, Newt Gingrich! A grateful nation rises in gratitude for the moral example that you provide to our youth!

This former house speaker, right-wing darling, would-be president, and self-avowed champion of family values is showing us that hypocrisy is not just a word – it’s a way of life.

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You might remember that the Newt was leading the moral brigade in Congress back in 1998, when Bill Clinton was being pounded for his extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky. Nearly a decade later, however, Gingrich has now confessed that “yes,” he was having his very own extramarital affair at the exact same time as Bill’s.

But this is hardly his only dance with marital hypocrisy. Let’s go back to spouse number one, Jackie. She had been his high school geometry teacher before becoming his loyal political wife. Unbeknownst to her, though, the randy new Congress Critter had a 1977 affair in Washington with Anne. That passed, but Newt then moved on to another secret affair, this time with Marianne.

She seemed to be a keeper, so in 1981, while wife Jackie was recuperating in a hospital from cancer surgery, our boy Newt confronted her with divorce demands. Gingrich doesn’t deny doing this, but he says he doesn’t remember it. The amnesia defense. Six months later, he married Marianne.

But, oops, the moral scamp still couldn’t stop his wandering ways. While continuing to posture as a family values champion in Congress, the Newt was having yet another extramarital dalliance. This one was with Callista, a congressional aid 20 years younger than him. In 2000, he divorced Marianne and married Callista.

This is Jim Hightower saying… Newt is considering running for President in 2008. Presumably Callista would be running for first lady – assuming she’s still around. What a perfect moral example Gingrich will present to the public – a perfect example of moral hypocrisy.

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