Guess who's whining the loudest these days, wailing that they're getting a raw deal from Barack Obama?
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown

Guess who’s whining the loudest these days, wailing that they’re getting a raw deal from Barack Obama?

Not the unemployed and barely employed – even though the White House has blithely ignored their critical need for a national jobs program. Not the poor, even though their ranks are swelling as millions of Americans fall out of the middle class.

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No, no, the most insistent demand for attention is coming from way above the poor and the middle class. Believe it or not, it’s the CEOs of Americas biggest corporations and the top bankers of Wall Street who’re stamping their little Gucci-clad feet, bawling that they should be getting more love and support from the President.

It seems that the feelings of these precious ones have been hurt by Obama’s occasional condemnation of the stupefying greed that’s been shown by the likes of health insurance executives and Wall Street banksters. As one CEO put it, Obama’s attitude “felt too much like we were the bad guys.”

Yoo-hoo, Mr. Multimillionaire Executive, YOU ARE! Corporate chieftains are ruthlessly downsizing the middle class, carelessly polluting our air and water, gleefully destroying our democracy by using their corrupting corporate money to buy our government, and generally feeling entitled to run roughshod over everyone – all while pocketing obscene levels of wealth for themselves. Yet they’re the ones crying?

Those guys are pathetic, they’re a bunch of narcissists with a sense of entitlement. Obama ought to send each of them a box of Kleenex and tell ’em to go to hell. But unfortunately, he’s no Harry Truman. So instead, he’s giving in to them! “[I intend] to make clear to the business community,” he recently announced, “That the most important thing we can do is to boost and encourage our business sector.” Hello… they’re doing fine. The most important thing you can do is boost America’s middle class.

“Obama: “I’ve got to do a better job,'” www.centraltexasnow.com, November 3, 2010.

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