Prevaricating for Profit

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Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Prevaricating for Profit

Why would anyone believe anything that a big corporation tells us?

Corporate powers use lies as a core element of their business strategy. I’m not even counting the tsunami of polished, poll-tested lies they call “advertising.” Rather, I mean their secret perversions of facts to hide the deadly harms they and their products cause, all pushed by top executives and elite investors in cynical efforts to keep profiteering at the expense of customers and society at large. Pharmaceutical price-gougers, Wall Street bankers, tobacco giants, gun makers, and pesticide peddlers are notorious examples – but none can top the perfidy and raw greed of Big Oil.

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For example, a new report reveals that Exxon Mobil’s executives not only were aware that their petro-products might soon lead to catastrophic climate change, but their own scientific analysts had proven it beyond a doubt – and told them so in 1977! Indeed, Exxon’s internal findings turn out to have been much more accurate and damning than the warnings issued by government scientists and officials.

So, did Exxon’s executive hierarchy meet the scientific and ethical challenge presented to them? No. The simply lied to everyone – Congress, the media, the people. In 1999, CEO Lee Raymond tried to BS his way past the truth, snorting that global warming projections “are based on completely unproven climate models, or more often, on sheer speculation.” Exxon’s contemptable dishonesty continues to pour out of corporate headquarters today. Asked recently if Exxon has misled the public about looming climate danger from its fossil fuel profiteering, current CEO Darren Woods proclaimed that the corporation’s previous lies were “entirely consistent” with the scientific consensus of the time.

Obviously, that’s another flagrant lie, which is entirely consistent with the corporation’s profiteering model. And don’t forget, CEOs are lavishly-paid liars – Woods pockets $23 million a year to prevaricate-for-profit.

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