Let’s take a peek into the head of “Rudy G” – G, as in, “Gee, how messed up is this guy?”
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown
Jim Hightower's Radio Lowdown

Let’s take a peek into the head of “Rudy G” – G, as in, “Gee, how messed up is this guy?”

In a span of about a week, Republican presidential wannabe Rudy Giuliani showed in three separate statements that his tongue is heavier than his brain, and that he’s even nastier than he looks.

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First, he joked about torture. “They talk about sleep deprivation,” sneered the super-macho chest thumper. “I mean, on that theory, I’m getting tortured running for president of the United States. It’s just plain silly.” And you’re just plain stupid, Rudy. We’re not talking about a long day in campaign jets and limos, but about being held in a torture facility and denied sleep for 20 straight days. You’re the one that’s silly.

Second, Rudy G scoffed at the public’s outrage that the Bushites have been using waterboarding on people they imprison. He called such torture methods “enhanced” interrogation techniques, asserting that, by gollies, he himself used “intensive questioning” and “very aggressive techniques” when he was a New York prosecutor. Gee, Rudy – really? Do tell. What did you use? The rack? And do you mean that you did it personally? If so… did you enjoy it?

Third, Giuliani flaunted both his ignorance and hypocrisy on health care. In a radio ad, he says that he survived prostate cancer because he was treated in the U.S., rather than under England’s system of “socialized medicine,” claiming that survival rates here are double those in Britain. Only… it’s not true – survival rates are essentially the same. Also, Rudy didn’t mention that his treatment came while he was mayor of New York City and was covered under a plan funded by taxpayers. So bad ol’ government health care was plenty good for him.

Let’s see: liar, hypocrite, self-professed torturer, callous mocker of those who suffer torture – oh yeah, great credentials for the presidency.

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