SPECIAL: Premiere: The South’s Got Somethin’ to Say with the Hightower Lowdown

The South's Got Something to Say
The South's Got Something to Say
SPECIAL: Premiere: The South's Got Somethin' to Say with the Hightower Lowdown

Remember when we said that we’ve got podcast specials for you? Today we’ve got a really special one.

Last year, Team Hightower started work on a podcast series called “The South’s Got Somethin’ to Say.” We took a road trip to capture some of the fantastic stories of progressive organizing happening the southern US. We spoke with dozens of amazing activists, and we were loving the work– and then, the pandemic hit.

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This show is from our visit in North Carolina; it was going to be the kick-off episode for the series. We love it so much that we want to get it out there, even without clear plans for the rest of the series. The “deep canvassing” work of Down Home North Carolina is so relevant to this political moment, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it, too.

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PS — Yes, there really is an intersection of Corporation Parkway and Plantation Drive.


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