The next really big thing in food: you!

Attention foodies: Let's chow down! There's a new craze in CuisineWorld, and it's going 180-degrees in the opposite direction from the healthy-eating movement we hear so much about.

Attention foodies: Let’s chow down! There’s a new craze in CuisineWorld, and it’s going 180-degrees in the opposite direction from the healthy-eating movement we hear so much about.

For example, instead of locally-sourced beets and jicama on sustainably-raised arugula dressed with small-batch artisan balsamic vinegar – we’re talking a big Pizza Hut pepperoni and gooey cheese pie with (get this): a long looping hot dog stuffed right into the crust! Or, if that’s not caloric enough for you, Pizza Hut is also offering a belt-buster pizza that is ringed by a dozen mini cheeseburgers baked directly onto the crust. Hey, some might see obesity as a crisis, but YUM! Brands, Inc., the conglomerate that owns Pizza Hut, sees it as a money-making opportunity. Don’t fight it – feed it!

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Not to be outdone, the Burger King chain is test-marketing a stunning advance in fusion cuisine at one of its Nashville outlets. It marries two essential food groups together: ice cream and pork. Yes, America, get ready for the Bacon Sundae! Topped off with caramel and chocolate syrup.

The pioneering innovator in obesity grub, however, comes from the place where anything goes, and “too much” is never enough: Las Vegas. Many top chefs have opened four-star restaurants along the Las Vegas strip, but none can outstrip a local diner when it comes to extravagant excess. The “Heart Attack Grill” takes pride in deep fried, and its menu is filled with unhealthy eats. Renown for its Quadruple Bypass Burger, Butter Fat Shakes, and Flatliner Fries cooked in pure lard, the grill brags that it serves food with “Taste Worth Dying For.”

Indeed, two diners have collapsed so far this year while pounding down Bypass Burgers. To add to the charm, customers weighing over 350 pounds can eat for free.

So weigh in, and bon appetite.

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“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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