Time for "We the People" to re-declare our independence

July 4th – what a blast – cookouts, fireworks, and several 12-ounce elbow bends.

July 4th – what a blast – cookouts, fireworks, and several 12-ounce elbow bends.

Oh yeah… it’s also about that thing that Thomas Jefferson penned 238 years ago. The Declaration of Independence is still a powerful read, all the more so because, ready or not, we Americans find ourselves faced with another of those “When in the course of human events” moments that old TJ wrote about. So having celebrated Independence Day, it’s now time for “We the People” to re-declare our independence – this time from “They the Corporations.”

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Not only are domineering corporate elites lording it over our jobs, wages, politics, Congress, the White House, most state houses, the environment, women’s health, and our democratic values – but they’ve also captured the courts. Thus, in several 5-4 decisions in recent years, a cabal of Supreme Court corporatists, by judicial fiat, have perverted nature itself by decreeing that a corporation is a person and that its money constitutes free speech that cannot be restricted.

Hello – if money is speech, and more money can buy more speech, that means, by definition that speech is not free. It’s time to rebel. From today forward, let’s treat the “free” in free speech as a verb, not an adjective. Let’s join together and rally friends, family, co-workers, anyone, everyone to free-up our people’s rights from corporate usurpers. It’ll take a constitutional amendment to overrule the malicious rulings of the Court’s corporate clique, but we can do this, we must do it, and we’re already on the move.

80 percent of Americans support this effort, 16 states and nearly 600 cities endorse it, and 167 members of Congress are now cosponsoring such an amendment. Hundreds of local coalitions are part of this nationwide rebellion. To join one near you, go to www.united4thepeople.org.

“Battling the bastards is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

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