Rural electric power to the people!

Monitoring Co-Op Democracy

Question: How have autocratic REC boards gotten away with openly stiffing their owner-members and flaunting the fundamental democratic principles of co-op organization? Answer: Unlike unions, charities, and ... Read more...
Choctaw Electric’s annual meeting in 2015. Photo courtesy of Stan Hammons

The Battle of Choctaw Electric Co-Op

For a gross example of corruption, deceit, and rigged elections by a co-op board and its manager, Oklahoma's Choctaw Electric Cooperative was a grand-prize stinker. Though CEC is owned by the lower-income popul... Read more...
A power line tower viewed against a purple-sky sunset

What if you owned your own power company? (Many Americans already do!)

Co-op electricity has transformed rural America, but the co-ops offer something even more electrifying: democratic power. Despite the strength and popular appeal of the co-op approach, RECs in regions where they are large and numerous have hardly been models of dynamic progress. Even when they face stagnant economies and widespread poverty, many co-ops charge exorbitant rates and cling to a toxic legacy of coal-fired power plants spewing pollutants. What happened?