What are progressives fighting *for*?

Most voters want BIG populist changes in government policy that will lift up average Americans and hold down corporate greed and abuse. One major proposal to do just that is the 11-point Economic Agenda for America's Future drafted by a broad coalition of some 80 progressive thinkers and doers. This document is both a to-do list for restoring economic democracy and a rallying cry to move today's burgeoning democratic movement from mere resistance to insistence on a bold, percolate-up alternative to Republican/Democratic trickle-down economics.
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A blue/red movement

You might expect such liberal bastions as Boston, Madison, Boulder, and San Francisco to call for an end to corporate electioneering, but this is a nationwide blue/red movement, including the people of these co... Read more...
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The protest spreads

In order of the date of passage, here are the 16 states that have already petitioned Congress to let their citizens vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s edicts: Hawaii, April 2010... Read more...
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Do the three hop

To see how easy it is for millions of innocent citizens to get caught up in NSA's vast electronic web, consider the "Three HOP Analysis." It's a dance of search-and-seizure that begins with NSA's know-all metad... Read more...
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America’s new political landscape

FOX TV YAKKER Bill O'Reilly was a sad old man on election night. "The white establishment is now the minority," he keened, adding, with a tremulous moan: "It's not a traditional America anymore." Yeah, old w... Read more...
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Et tu, Obama?

On Feb. 7, Barack Obama jettisoned his principled opposition to the Court's elevation of Big Money over people by okaying the creation of his own SuperPAC, Priorities USA Action. His rationale was that he could... Read more...
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At last, a principled stand in Congress

Is there no balm in Gilead... or in Washington? Will no Democrat soothe the people's anger at the constant giveaways to the rich from our depleted public treasury? Is there at least one strong populist vertebra... Read more...
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Surging in Afghanistan

Surging in Afghanistan The surge is on in Afghanistan! Unfortunately, what appears to be most effective is not the 30,000 additional US troops that President Obama has poured into this hellacious war in the ... Read more...