Greenpeace activists hang from a bridge in Houston

New corporate-protection laws are stomping on our most basic rights

Unbeknownst to the general public (and still largely undiscovered by national media), oil giants and other multinational corporations have quietly colluded with the legislators and governors they've purchased. Together, they've rammed through a series of autocratic state laws criminalizing our right to protest at sites they imperiously designated "critical infrastructure." Encompassed in the sweeping lockdown inherent in this often-specious designation are public demonstrations that the sneaky new laws defined as "criminal interference."

Welcome to our late-summer picnic!

In these sultry, dog days of August, the Lowdown presents a summer picnic of political snacks, meaty developments, both sweet and sour sides, and--of course--some mixed nuts.

Trump’s privatizers are running amuck

Donald Trump hates you. But don't take it personally, he hates me, too--and all of us who constitute The Public. The billionaire's antipathy is not directed at us hoi polloi as individuals, but as users (he means abusers) of publicly provided services such as schools, parks, health care, buses, libraries, and environmental protections.
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The birth of Amazon

LEGEND HAS IT that Amazon is a classic story of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. In 1994, a bright, young fellow named Bezos heads off to the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, with nothing going for him bu... Read more...
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“Fracking” by any other name…

You'll be pleased to know that academics at such public-spirited institutions as Louisiana State University are dealing with the problem of fracking. The problem with the word, that is. After conducting a pu... Read more...
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A fracking Obamination

doing awfully well these days with their supposed "enemy" Barack Obama. The industry appeared to lose a round to opponents in May when a much awaited ruling from Obama's Interior Department came down. It req... Read more...
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It's a natural high for the econonmy, the enviroment & our body politic It was Willie Nelson who first suggested to me that hemp is "not just for breakfast anymore." And Willie is a fellow who kn... Read more...