Behind his daily spectacle, Trump is pounding workers and their rights

Corporate theft didn't start with Trump. For the last 40 years, every president has actively abetted or at least condoned it. But never has the stealing been orchestrated on such a sweeping scale, driven by such naked greed, or pulled off with such little public awareness as now. It's a plutocratic plunderfest!

Something Is Rotten at Big Meat, Inc.

A century ago Upton Sinclair condemned the "unspeakable" practices that went on in "packing houses all the time." But today's conditions would leave him no less appalled. While unions and other reformers have set higher standards for cleanliness and safety, there's a big difference between what's put on paper and what actually occurs. Progress in standards, it turns out, has been efficiently canceled out by (1) the sheer enormity of today's facilities, (2) the massive volume of animals slaughtered and butchered day and night, and (3) the treacherous work speeds corporate bosses demand.

Standing with George Floyd

One word in particular, one sound, one horror that I can’t get out of my head is this: George Floyd crying out “momma,” as his life was cruelly and senselessly crushed in yet another brutal, White-on-Black murd... Read more...