It’s time for a (teeny) tax on wealth

The rapidly widening divide between the rich and the rest of us is neither natural nor accidental. America needs a "Lizzie"--a way to re-balance the tax burden fairly between wages and wealth. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taken the lead on this fundamental democratic reform by proposing a return to America's historic tax principle of "ability to pay." Her idea is to shut down the elites' shameful tax dodging with a straight-forward tax on extreme wealth.
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BEZOS' COLD, MICROMANAGED, time-motion approach to the workplace is a direct descendant (and extreme extension) of a theory of "scientific management" developed in the 1880's by Frederick Winslow Taylor, an ind... Read more...
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The birth of Amazon

LEGEND HAS IT that Amazon is a classic story of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. In 1994, a bright, young fellow named Bezos heads off to the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, with nothing going for him bu... Read more...
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Why Congress is so popular

Demonstrating the depth of his insight into the problems of low-wage workers, GOP Rep. Bill Young of Florida recently "discussed" the issue with a voter in St. Petersburg. Appropriately enough, the exchange bet... Read more...
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The corporate squeeze

Profits up!" gloat today's headlines in the business media. The New York Times reports that the profits of 175 of America's big- gest corporations have soared by a whopping 42 percent this year. The 500 largest... Read more...